Interface Conference

Interface Conference RES will be at the 10th Annual Interface conference on September 27th in Dallas, TX. Disruption is the New Norm- How Technology and Other Industry Disrupters will Impact Healthcare and MOB Real Estate SPEAKERS Josh Teague President of Development and Investments Real Estate Strategies (“RES”) will moderate an highly informative and interactive session […]

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule – It Still Applies! by: Charles Black, CEO of RES My daughter came home from kindergarten yesterday and, like most good fathers, I asked about her favorite parts of the day.  In addition to her go-to staples of Recess, Lunch, and Art Class that always make the list, she mentioned they had […]

What’s For Breakfast?

What’s for Breakfast? Whitespace Analysis Over Easy by: Jenny Parlier, Sr. Analytics Manager The word breakfast literally means to “break the fast” after a long night’s sleep. Some say it is the most important meal of the day, and necessary to provide sufficient energy for the day’s work. Many of us need a hot cup […]

Vanderbilt Healthcare Design & Construction Symposium

Vanderbilt Healthcare Design & Construction Symposium RES will be moderating a session at the Vanderbilt University 12th Annual Healthcare Design & Construction Symposium in Nashville, TN on August 9th. Session: Increasing Importance of Ambulatory Care Speakers: Garry Gause, former Regional President at Tenet Aaron Lewis, SVP of Strategy at RCCH Nick Paul, VP of Real […]

Enemy of Time

by: Josh Teague, President of Development & Investments The ticking of a clock.  It starts out softly, as benign as any one of a thousand other background noises that our minds have learned to set aside through our evolutionary filters.  But as seconds turn to minutes, to hours, to days, to months…each echoing tick becomes […]

A Practical Recipe for Innovation

by: Charles Black, CEO of RES I don’t like the word “Innovation”.  The word itself is so highly overused that it has obtained an almost mystical or seemingly unattainable feel, prompting most to give up on Innovation before they ever begin.  Yet almost every organization pins their future growth on their ability to innovate.  If […]

Turning Strategies into Reality

by: Andrew Ubben, CSO of RES More often than not, we find our clients share a common thread: They have clients too! Their clients are internal approvers (executives, boards, committees) and implementers(real estate, transaction management, construction). And too often, we see strategies created in the natural language of strategists, but not the actionable language of their own internal clients, creating […]

How to Dominate Site Selection

1 Year and Counting!!! Thanks to all our clients, partners, family and friends for making the first year of RES a huge success. We are grateful for your support. The Art and Science of Great Decision Making: How to Dominate Site Selection by: Scott Willenbrock, COO of RES The Task Choosing optimal real estate sites to […]