Are you consistently losing the best real estate opportunities to your competitors due to lack of consensus within your organization?


As the trend toward outpatient care continues to grow, not only are you competing with rival health systems for premium real estate, you are also competing with traditional retailers who are skilled at executing a well-defined growth strategy. You need a partner that understands your system’s goals and aligns internal stakeholders, because speed to market is the key to success.

We provide data-driven strategies that build consensus within your organization and are flexible enough to adapt to a changing real estate landscape.


Once the initial strategy is created, STRATUS provides an easy to use platform where all stakeholders can easily review results and match actual real estate options to analytics driven recommendations

We have spent decades in the real estate industry. We understand that speed to market and having a flexible, adaptive strategy are critical to securing the best real estate sites. We have built an entire program aimed to create the best strategic plan for your organization so your team can execute at lightning speed.  And if you need additional resources, we can help there too…with full-service transaction management and facility development capabilities.  We become your strategic advisor and an extension of your real estate team.

RES is the nation’s leading healthcare-focused ambulatory network planning advisor. Let us help you grow and transform your ambulatory care delivery.

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