You know the locations you choose will make or break you.


How can you be sure your data (or your team’s instincts) are enough? And how can you ensure your stakeholders and your board will have confidence in the plan you build so you can make the best decisions, quickly?

We provide data-driven insights and recommendations you can trust.


These insights are then combined with local market intelligence to create a comprehensive plan for new locations, existing locations, and future growth with a clear path for implementation

But we don’t just hand you the plan. We help ensure you have everything you need to create business cases, drive consensus, and get your strategy approved. Then we work with you to implement the plan and provide the flexibility you need to evolve the strategy when local market conditions dictate change.  We partner with you, as an extension of your internal team, to help you drive the process every step of the way.

Our experience, combined with the industry’s most powerful analytics platform, STRATUS, has helped over 100 of the top health systems in the nation build successful ambulatory network strategies and gain that coveted competitive edge.

RES is the nation’s leading healthcare-focused ambulatory network planning advisor. Let us help you grow and transform your ambulatory care delivery.

The Power of STRATUS

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