Ambulatory care expansion is among the top focal points of
healthcare leaders.


Whether your organization is a sole community provider or in highly competitive markets, Health Systems must utilize a well designed and executed ambulatory care strategy to maximize market share and revenue.

In just a few weeks, we can provide a data-driven, Ambulatory Network strategy for increasing market share, revenue, and efficiency.


Sounds like a bold claim, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got an extensive history of demonstrated, measurable results. No one else delivers the results we do — or as well.


We’re different. We’re experienced. We’re proven.

We are passionate, innovative leaders with decades of experience in healthcare strategy, ambulatory network planning, and real estate strategy, implementation and development. Since 2010, RES has been perfecting the science of healthcare predictive location analytics and helped ~100 of the nation’s top health systems with strategic planning initiatives in diverse markets across the country.

RES is the nation’s leading healthcare-focused ambulatory network planning advisor. Let us help you grow and transform your ambulatory care delivery.

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