RES is pleased to welcome our newest team member, Jason Muhlbauer, to the organization. Jason will be joining Jenny Parlier in the role of Sr. Analytics Manager. When he’s not out on the water catching massive bass or fetching his lovely wife ice cream and pickles at 3am, Jason will be hard at work ensuring our clients’ success.

A few fun facts about Jason: As a child he was terrified of thunderstorms. The sound of the thunder, tornado sirens, and heavy wind caused him incapacitating fear. It wasn’t until middle school he realized that what made him so frightened was that he knew nothing about these storms and felt completely helpless. From that day onward, that fear turned into fascination. He did everything he could to learn about these storms to be less afraid and more knowledgeable. So much in fact, that it led him to the University of Georgia where he studied atmospheric science and graduated in 2010. After working for a year in Washington, D.C., he moved back to Atlanta and began managing retail while pursuing a Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Kennesaw State University.

Once he completed the certificate program, he began working as a GIS consultant for a large firm in northwest Atlanta.

Jason’s diverse background in weather forecasting, retail management, and GIS allow him to be a well-rounded analytics manager with direct experience in both forecasting and customer service. With every new challenge he faces he thinks back to when he was a child and understands not to meet them with fear, but to meet each challenge head on and view it as an opportunity. Jason looks forward to facing new challenges with RES and is very excited to be part of the team. Jason loves spending his time outside either fishing, camping, playing tennis, or hiking. He is married with his first child on the way.