Our Story

RES is the leader in advanced ambulatory network planning, perfecting the science of healthcare predictive analytics.  We’ve partnered with over 85 top health systems with strategic planning initiatives in diverse markets across the country.

We are passionate innovators, with decades of experience in healthcare strategy, real estate execution, and development. And while most of us began with one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world, RES was built from the ground up to be healthcare-specific.

Through decades of collaboration with health system strategists and planners – starting at the business case and working backwards—we pulled from the best of tools, technology, and data sources that healthcare, retail, and other industries had to offer and adapted them to the unique language and needs of healthcare.

Company Timeline

  • The founders realize the need for a new model

    The founders realize the need for a new model

    Founders working in various areas of commercial real estate & planning with global firm. Began to build out a new model for utilizing big data to build better real estate strategies.

  • The model is expanded across multiple industries

    The model is expanded across multiple industries

    Team approached by companies including AT&T, NIKE and Chevron to use their model across various markets.

  • Pilot for Healthcare is a success

    Pilot for Healthcare is a success

    HCA approaches team and challenges them to adopt it for their system. Pilot is hugely successful and validates the model for healthcare.

  • Expansion into healthcare

    Expansion into healthcare

    The team grows by several members and begins to expand and deepen capabilities for the healthcare space within existing company.

  • RES is Born

    RES is Born

    Founders decide to open up RES, a company dedicated to using data-driven real estate planning strategies for healthcare.

  • Development of STRATUS

    Development of STRATUS

    The team begins conceptualizing and developing new platform, STRATUS, in conjunction with first clients.

  • STRATUS is launched

    STRATUS is launched

    Powerful new predictive analytics platform is launched with Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare as the first portal client.

  • Client portfolio grows exponentially

    Client portfolio grows exponentially

    To date, RES has completed more than 85 healthcare assignments with the largest healthcare organizations in the US.

Our Journey

In 2010, our founders were working for one of the largest real estate companies in the world building strategies to grow their clients’ revenue and save money. Through the process, they realized that what was largely driving their clients’ decisions was a mix of gut instinct, manual data and political considerations.

This was a revelation and they began to ask themselves,

“What if we could develop a science-driven approach, based on reliable and relevant data, that would give far better answers leading to better business decisions?”

Challenged by this, they began to test a model that was soon yielding 80% accuracy across their clients’ portfolios. They were able to begin expanding their reach and quickly, huge retail clients in the telecom, finance and energy sectors would leverage their strategies globally.

In 2012, their focus completely changed.

They were approached by HCA, one of the largest hospital systems in the country. Their challenge was to build the model for healthcare and see if they could build a better ambulatory strategy than the one that HCA had been working on for nearly 3 years.

They did it in 2 months.

In 2016, the founders decided to build a company exclusive to healthcare defined by three principles:

  1. Healthcare strategies grounded in the best data and analytics will yield the best decisions
  2. It is important to ALWAYS do the right thing for our clients
  3. We are committed to investing in the technologies, processes and people that will drive both

The next year, RES began development of STRATUS, the world’s only self-service ambulatory network strategy tool. With the help and input of their healthcare clients, STRATUS was launched in early 2018. Since then, RES has completed over 85+ healthcare strategies.