Healthcare’s most advanced ambulatory planning platform

STRATUS is the industry’s first and only cloud-based ambulatory network strategy tool that turns raw data into meaningful market opportunities. It empowers health system strategy, planning, and real estate teams to plan and act with speed and confidence.

STRATUS is powered by a unique combination of proprietary healthcare and consumer demographic data, deep predictive modeling tools and techniques and cloud computing - all seamlessly delivered in a customized, intuitive user interface that provides unlimited insights and scenario modeling capabilities.

The power of turning data into actionable strategies

With just a few clicks, STRATUS gives you unprecedented insights and the confidence to make great decisions quickly. The self-service portal allows you to see patient demand, payer mix, physician supply and resulting projected physician need by service line with extreme accuracy. All data is updated regularly - ensuring that both short and long-term strategic plan decisions are based on up-to-date, evergreen data.

The best healthcare data and predictive analytics at your fingertips


The data you need to identify and grow your market share.

You don’t need more data or meaningless site scores – you need solutions capable of delivering results that drive the RIGHT decisions, quickly. Gaining market share requires scenario planning capable of:

  1. Predicting future market growth and payer mix at the household/street level
  2. Identifying how many sites are needed and where at the intersection level
  3. Choosing the right mix of service lines and the right number of physician FTEs
  4. Avoiding unwanted market cannibalization
  5. Evaluating competitors or potential acquisition or partnership targets

STRATUS puts this power in your hands today! Since 2012, RES has been perfecting the science of healthcare predictive location analytics. Combining sophisticated retail planning techniques with leading-edge healthcare data, RES has helped over 85 top health systems with strategic planning initiatives in diverse markets across the country.

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