When the old way just won’t cut it

In today’s high stakes healthcare landscape, deciding where to put your next outpatient location is risky, with little room for error. Researching, creating and executing a comprehensive Ambulatory Network Strategy can take months—even years—and often relies on limited data, manual systems and educated guesses.

Our vast experience, combined with the industry’s most powerful analytics platform called STRATUS, allows you to spot opportunities at the intersection level, arming you with insights that drive confident decisions and secure opportunities before your competition even knows they exist.

RES is the nation’s leading healthcare-focused ambulatory network planning advisor. Let us help you grow and transform your ambulatory care delivery.

We understand the challenges you face

  • Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Slow Decision-making, Lack of Programmatic Approach
  • Siloed or Conflicting Priorities, Numerous Stakeholders
  • Lack of Internal Resources
  • Limited or Disparate Data

Perhaps your organization is partnering, merging or acquiring and you need tools and capabilities to evaluate or rationalize the new combined network

Often, health systems are fractured in their decision-making process, especially when it comes to strategic planning. Imagine a system that garners immediate buy-in, enabling fast, confident decision-making.

Maybe there are just too many cooks in the kitchen or multiple groups with differing opinions and priorities. It’s a struggle to achieve consensus in multi-million $ investment decisions.

Even large health systems often lack true big data, strategic planning, and analytics expertise. They are forced to rely on limited data and often “trust their gut” when making critical planning decisions.

We need better data, and need a better way to leverage analytics to make informed decisions

By the Numbers

  • 10+
    Years Ambulatory Strategy
  • 135+
    Health System
  • 44
    States Strategic Planning

The Power of STRATUS

STRATUS is the industry’s first and only cloud-based ambulatory network strategy tool that turns raw data into meaningful market opportunities and unprecedented insights. It empowers health system strategy, planning, finance, and real estate teams to plan and act with speed and confidence.

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