WellPath Health: An Introduction

WellPath Health: Doomed to Failure or Poised for Success? by: Alicia Moura, Chief Experience Officer WellPath Health is a fictional composite based on nearly 90 of our clients’ stories. It is a story that encompasses the unique, and yet shared challenges, pain points and realties that so many systems have faced and continue to face […]


Can I As a Few Questions? by: Alicia Moura, Chief Experience Officer It’s amazing what you can learn from a chat. Many years ago, I began my career as a journalist. And whether it was sitting down with a former Olympian who started swimming to help her asthma, cornering a moment with a Venezuelan CEO […]


“Just Start?” Forget those New Year Resolutions and Follow you Passions Instead by: Charles Black, CEO I love the fresh start that a new year brings. The first few weeks are often a time filled with goals, aspirations, and resolutions.  It is invigorating, enlightening, and empowering!  Unfortunately, as we all know, reality often sneaks back […]


REVISTA RES will be at the REVISTA Medical Real Estate Investment Forum in San Diego on February 6th and 7th. Setting the Real Estate Compass to a “Triple Aim” North Star  SPEAKERS Josh Teague President, Development & Investments, RES Partners, Inc. Andrew Haslam Providence St. Josephs Steven Stubbs Adventist Chriss Papayannis WellSpan Health

The Reality Gap

Strategy vs. Implementation: The Reality Gap by: Andrew Ubben, Chief Strategy Officer We’ve all had our “aha!” moments–instances that reveal an opportunity for change, or insights that help shape new perspectives. At RES, we embarked into the world of location strategy nearly a decade and a half ago – and it was in those first years […]

InterFace Healthcare Real Estate SouthEast

InterFace Healthcare Real Estate SouthEast RES will be at InterFace Healthcare Real Estate Southeast in Nashville, TN on November 29, 2019. What’s Next for the “Retailization” of Healthcare and the “Consumer Facing Model” of Delivery & What will 2019 Bring? SPEAKERS Josh Teague President, Development & Investments, RES Partners, Inc. Mervyn Alphonso SVP, Anchor Healthcare […]

HCD HealthCare Design Expo & Conf 2018

HCD HealthCare Design Expo & Conf 2018 Joshua Teague with RES had the honor of speaking with Julie Johnson at the HCD Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Phoenix on November 10, 2018. We appreciate everyone who took the time to participate in our discussion and hope everyone enjoyed seeing how big data and predictive analytics can greatly improve decision-making […]

A Special “Wave”

A Special “Wave” To Our Healthcare Providers Happy fall, everyone!  This edition of our newsletter centers around two of my favorite things – healthcare and college football – and a recent experience where I was fortunate enough to see the two merged together in an awe-inspiring moment of kindness and humanity.  It occurred during an […]

SHSMD Connections 2018

SHSMD Connections 2018 RES will be at SHSMD Connections in Seattle on October 9th! A Tale of Three Cities: The Secrets to Successful Ambulatory Strategy Creation, Approval, and Implementation for Urban, Suburban and Rural Markets Real Estate Strategies (“RES”) will moderate an immersive panel discussion with Executive Leaders of three diverse healthcare providers, Sutter Health […]

Health Facilities Symposium & Expo 2018

Health Facilities Symposium & Expo 2018 RES will be at HFSE Symposium & Expo in Austin, TX on October 8th. The Secret to Ambulatory Transformation – Breaking down conventional Silos SPEAKERS Aaron Lewis SVP Strategic Growth, RCCH HealthCare Partners Richard Prevallet, CHFM, MBA VP Facilities & Construction, Tucson Medical Center HealthCare Andrew Ubben Chief Strategy […]